Monday, August 13, 2007

Hign mpg mileage cars

If you want to get good gas mileage you should by one of these three cars. The Base model Mini cooper with a 6 speed transmission. It need to be 2007 or newer as the older model is a different engine and does not get go mileage. The next car is the base honda civic with and automatic transmission. The last is the Toyota Corolla base model with the automatic transmission. Both honda and toyota put a lower geared transmission in the stick shift (standard) transmission for performance instead of mileage so the automatic is better gas mileage than the standard transmission. The mini is different as the 6 speed is setup with a really high gear ratio to get great gas mileage. At 65/70mph on the interstate you can get 45mpg with regular fuel. Going 85mph or faster and you can get 38mpg. What's weird is that the yaris and the fit get less mileage and the toyota prius gets about the same mileage on the highway as these cars. The prius gets better in city mileage but if you drive the mini with a soft foot you can get close and for the money difference the prius is still not worth it. If you want cool and high mpg get a mini. If you need to save a couple of thousand dollars and need a four door, get a toyota corolla.


Everyone using Office 2007 is pushing sharepoint as it is the new replacement for Exchange public folders and the default way to share documents. Little does everyone know yet but sharepoint is slow and needs about one database server for every ten people. Microsoft is so smart. Did they make a deal with Dell or what. This system needs so many servers and so much money only the dumbest IT departments will be using this after trying to force their users into the black hole that is Microsoft.