New type of startup with out VC

Here is my idea. Maybe I’m crazy and maybe it might be against some kind of rules but I like the idea. Think of it as crowd sourced VC money. The normal way today is get a start on an idea and a business plan and go to a VC and get a big check. Why not get time from a group of people that work up the basic idea and get something running and pay everyone as the profits come in. My thought is there are people with extra time or people out of work looking for an opportunity. Each person gives their time and each hour acts like a share in the company. At first it sucks as no one makes money but as soon as the project makes money everyone gets paid and if enough money is made it can be put to jump start the next project. Everyone on the project becomes a VC funder. As money comes in it gets split over everyone evenly. Every hour you put in counts. As more work is done each share gets diluted but if you keep working you keep your percentage or gain depending on the hours worked. At some point code has to be checked and hours proven or approved. But even if you put in a few hours to get the project started you get something as long as the project makes money. Cool stuff.

Sales needed

I need some sales staff to sell some of the products that are cloud based and can easily be turned up. Looking at subscription services that would bring in regular money.
Email: jobs@