Thursday, February 7, 2019

The New Supra

Many people are talking about the new Supra. Spec wise the new model is similar to the last Supra that they stopped building in 2002. The new car is more balanced with the 50/50 weight distribution. The new Supra has an average suspension, brakes are good, and the car is heavy. Toyota is making a well priced car for people that loved or dreamed about the old Supra. That is why the specs are so so and it has an automatic transmission. All sports cars should only come with a stick shift. That is why it used to be called a standard transmission because an automatic was optional and should be on all sports cars. I get it, there is me and a few dozen others that think this way. The new Supra should have a double clutch transmission. It should have a twin turbo V6 that makes 500+ hp. Think the Toyota version of the GTR or a cheaper LFA. It should have double A arm suspension like a real sports car. Normal 17" wheels that can roll on cracked roads with a race edition that can have the crazy thin tires. The 50/50 weight distribution is good but the driver should be at the center point. AWD would be nice but that makes it heavy and expensive. The price of 50k is ok but I wish it was in the 40's. What would be cool is a rear engined small 4l V8 with turbos. That would be an MR2 but that would be a cooler car to bring back. Why not redo the GT86 with a turbo V6 and some minor body shaping and call that a Supra. The bottom line is it's not even made in Japan. So wrong.

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