Sunday, April 15, 2007

Work in Iraq

We have been trying to get into the middle east since the 70's and this time we have a firm hold in iraq. We are not likely to leave any time soon. We want to control the oil in the middle east and this is how to start. The other thing that bothers me is how little it seems that we care about the soldiers health. We have had this problem in the past but these almost seems calculated. Are we sending our poor and criminal to die? It's to bad we also have some smart and deadicated people that are also getting killed. WIth the technology and money we have there should only be the odd heart attack or natural causes deaths in iraq. Are we trying to reduce the population so the rest of us have more? Something is just not right here. The main reasons for going there are big business to make money and to control oil to make big business money. Could there be another reason or did the minds at work think of some other bright ideas. Maybe the top brass is just that lame. We as americans should start holding congress responsible for the deaths in iraq. Maybe if we killed a congress man lottery style for every 1000 soldiers they may put a little more thought into how to keep or soldiers alive.

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